How can I volunteer? 

1. Decide which site you would like to volunteer with.
2. Complete the volunteer form below, which will automatically be sent to our administrative offices.

Each volunteer can expect a personal phone call from our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss your volunteering opportunities. After agreeing on a schedule and activity, you are READY TO GO!

  • For those volunteers who wish to participate in our one-to-one scholastic tutoring program, CHR Partners will run a local background check to determine eligibility. 
  • Volunteers assisting in large group special events need not fill out the individual application. However, a group leader will need to contact the organization to confirm participation and coordinate activities.

Volunteer Form

Please fill out the volunteer form in the boxes provided. In the SUBJECT line, please type in the location you wish to volunteer with (ex: Encino Pointe). If you do not have a preferred location, please enter the city you reside in followed by the word volunteer (ex: Houston Volunteer). 

In the MESSAGE, please include your address, phone number, occupation, availability, and your preferred volunteer activity (i.e. tutoring, reading, arts and crafts, etc.). 

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