How 3 San Antonio Organizations Made a Huge Community Impact in Just 3 Hours


The San Antonio based nonprofit, CHR Partners, received a special call the first week of December. It was from the San Antonio Food Bank, offering to bring an 18-wheeler full of food and necessities to the CHR’s residents at the San Juan I & II properties. But it wasn’t any ordinary food drive. The San Antonio Food Bank would be accompanied by their friends at the Black Jack Speed Shop, owned by the former San Antonio Spurs player, Tim Duncan. 

On the morning of December 2, Black Jack Speed Shop arrived to the food drive location with 20 enthusiastic volunteers. Combined with CHR’s volunteers, the group of 40 individuals were eager to begin serving the residents of the San Juan communities. Over the next few hours, the team worked diligently to break down pallets containing over 30,000 pounds of food and supplies, which would then be further distributed into smaller boxes for families to take to their homes. By 11:30 am, hundreds of boxes filled with fresh produce, proteins, healthy snacks, water, and baby products lined the street leading into the San Juan Apartments, ready for families to begin picking up their goods. 

In only three hours, the volunteers helped pass out food and supplies to 450 families. By 2:30pm that afternoon, the families in the community were on their way home with goods to nourish their families for over a week. 

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in just three hours. What these organizations did in that time wasn’t magic; it didn’t take a special skill-set. It just took time, dedication and passion. 

What impact can you make in your community in just three hours? 

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