The Rev. Jerry Kalb knew nothing about affordable housing. He only wanted to see a beautiful, but vacant, property in his community revitalized.

Formed in 1992, CHR Partners began as a community effort to revitalize a residential property in the heart of Painesville, Ohio. 

Each day, driving between home, his kids' high school, and his congregation, The Rev. Jerry Kalb passed Wesley Village. 

Wesley Village's impressive building a majestic lawns had once served as an orphanage, so the structure had a dormitory with 42 units, a chapel, and other unique accommodations. 

But the property sat vacant because its well-meaning deed restrictions meant Wesley Village could only be used for care of vulnerable populations. 

So, The Rev. Kalb called upon a residential developer with unique knowledge of the tax credit system set. Together, they set Wesley Village on the path toward affordable housing paired with supportive social service. 

A nonprofit was formed to join forces with housing developers and apply for state tax credits to fund financially self-sustaining affordable housing developments.  

In its 25 years, CHR partners has served thousands of underserved individuals at dozens of affordable housing communities.


CHR Partners Milestones

1992 - The organization is formed in Painesville, Ohio, and is called The Painesville Housing Advocates. 

1997 - The nonprofit organization applies for state income tax credits for Wesley Village. 

1999 - The organization changes its name to Northeast Ohio Advocates to reflect its reach beyond the city of Painesville.  Wesley Village (42 units) is completed in Painesville, Ohio. 

2000 - Wesley Village (62) II is completed in Painesville, Ohio. 

2005 - The nonprofit is renamed Community Housing Resource (CHR) Partners to reflect its national reach and focus on supportive services. 

2007 - San Juan I, CHR's first property outside Ohio, is built in San Antonio, Texas. 

2014 - CHR serves its first property in Arizona

2018 - CHR Partners Celebrates its 25th anniversary year.

wesley-village-painesville-oh-building-photo 2.jpg

Wesley Village, the nonprofit's first affordable housing community. Low-income seniors in Painesville, Ohio, have called Wesley Village home since 1999.