About CHR Partners

A nonprofit with a powerful financial sustainability model.

For 73% of severely cost-burdened renter households in the U.S., rent consumes more than half of their income.

Community Housing Resource (CHR) Partners is a nonprofit dedicated to developing quality, affordable housing where built-in social services empower low-income residents to grow and prosper. 

In the U.S. today, there is a critical lack of affordable housing, leading to home-life instability for low income individuals. But CHR understands through compassionate care and high-integrity services, this can change. 

We partner with experienced residential developers to increase the stock of quality, affordable housing nationwide. 

Each of our properties is equipped with onsite social services like job readiness programs, financial literacy resources, and after-school homework help — at no additional cost to residents.


Through this support, CHR Partners promotes self-sufficiency, education, health and wellness, and stable communities.

The thousands of individuals we serve everyday are able to improve their lives from the safety and convenience of their own neighborhood. When we’re successful, the entire community flourishes. Heads of households perform better at work, children do better in school, and families grow stronger and more independent. 

But, we can’t do it alone. CHR is effective thanks to strong partnerships with stakeholders in the areas we serve. Local businesses, community leaders and volunteers can directly impact our residents through in-kind donations or participation in any of our numerous programs.